Welcome To Digital Exports Marketing
Welcome to Digital Exports Marketing (DEM). We are committed to maintaining high standards of interaction with our clients and executing the entire process with their approval. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully:
Payment and Refund Policy:
  • All payments will be accepted through the standard modes set by Digital Exports Marketing.
  • Due to the interactive nature of our services and the client's involvement in the entire process, there is no provision for any full or partial refunds. The paid amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled, as it is sent for processing immediately. Personal preferences changing over time are not valid reasons for a refund or chargeback.
  • DEM keeps records of each payment and activated service. For the same, we forward all services and payment records to clients on their letterhead, which needs to be signed by the user or customer with their company stamp or attached Pan card. DEM will not be responsible for any refund unless the client provides major concerns with complete proofs.
Liability and Refund Assurance:
  • DEM holds the liability that, even if a customer declares non-receipt of services, no refund will be processed unless the client provides proof of not receiving services despite regular communication and emailing from DEM.
  • All payments for services at digitalexportsmarketing.com must be made in favor of "Digital Exports Marketing"
Employee Departure and Refund:
If an employee leaves DEM and attempts to provide negative feedback for services for which payment has been made, and if your membership tenure has completed one month, we are not responsible for any refund.
Membership and Refund Scenarios:
  • If you paid for membership and after one month you decide not to continue services because your company closes, DEM can use that payment for your other company or references, but DEM will not refund any amount in such scenarios.
  • Deals promised in a membership package are counted within the tenure period. If a deal does not close in one month, DEM has the entire membership tenure to close all deals. No refund will be processed based on the commitment of one deal per month.
Cancellation and Refund Claim:
Before the membership is activated, the user or subscriber can claim cancellation and refund through the following methods:
  • For credit card transactions: Email your cancellation intention to the billing mail sent by DEM.
  • For cheque/demand draft payments: DEM will refund the instrument if the request is made before it is deposited.
  • For foreign currency wire transfers: Initiate a "Recall" request through your banking channel before services are activated.
Legal Disputes and Jurisdiction:
Any legal dispute related to Digital Exports Marketing will be dealt with only in the territory of Delhi. The jurisdiction for legal issues is limited to the courts located in New Delhi.
Community Disputes Policy:
DEM is not responsible for disputes within the community members/users/visitors. Any disputes related to member's classifieds, website content, or information are directly addressed to the respective member.
We anticipate that this information will enable you to use the facilities and services offered by Digital Exports Marketing wisely. The Team at Digital Exports Marketing is here to assist you with the best possible solutions.